Sunday, June 27, 2010

So a lot has happened...

...and since I've been such a slacker, I haven't blogged about any of it. Where to start?

June 3, 2010 was officially my last appointment with Dr. C at the fertility clinic. Everything was perfect with our little peanut and Dr. C said that she was no longer needed. Hugs were exchanged and I wept as I was showered with gifts from the nursing staff and Dr. C.

Then, I graduated from acupuncture June 14, 2010. I begin to ponder what I will do with my time. A minute later, I come up with the answer: Sleep more.

I become increasingly more tired. You'd think I'd sleep like a baby. Or at least like a pregnant woman in the first trimester. Nope, I can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time. Where the hell is this amazing, dead to the world sleep that I was promised??!! I am actually upset by this. On my days off, I frequently wake up at 4 AM rummaging around in the fridge for food. Unfortunately nothing really tastes all that fabulous. The only cravings I really have are for food that does not come out of my fridge and food that I do not make myself. I'm not so sure this is an actual craving.

My breasts become ginormous. Sorry if you are reading this and are A)My father or B)My brother(s). My mom takes me bra shopping and proceeds to laugh at me when we realize I've already gone up one complete cup size...and I have about 30 weeks to go.

My back and legs start to feel achy. Not bad, but I end up starting to use a body pillow. At first it is weird, but I keep needing to use it more and more. My handsome dog likes to use it, too. I don't know if the drool spots are from him or me. Said pillow also creates some confusion for a sleepy and slightly disoriented Bear. He has already confused the body pillow for his wife's hulking form.

I have had a headache on and off for the past 4 weeks. This is made worse by the World Cup. Yes, it is an amazing athletic event that only comes every couple of years. Yes, South Africa is an amazing country. Yes, I love watching sports, especially ones where fine male specimens are sweating. Yum. I do not love the stupid horns that have become the official sound of the World Cup. I fvcking feel like I'm inside of a bee hive and the Queen Bee is bitching at me to get off the couch and make some more honey. Alas, The Bear is a huge soccer fan and will not watch this on mute.

I meet with the NP, who was hilarious and we talked for ONE WHOLE HOUR about pregnancy stuff. I receive a bag full of mostly crap and advertisements. I also run into Dr. B who is just thrilled that I'm knocked up. We hear the baby's heartbeat and it is of course amazing to hear. It did take awhile to find the heartbeat, but that's because Dr. B and the NP said this little kid was zooming all around. I of course imagine a miniature Bear (complete with glasses) screaming and running into the walls of my uterus. I also find out that I am negative for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea--shocking, I know!

The Bear is nesting in his own special way by trying to find another house to live in. Our current digs are just fine for a family of three humans and one 88 lb dog, but it would be nice to have a larger kitchen (one that might fit a table large enough for four people to sit comfortably), and all of our bedrooms on one floor. The Bear already traded in his Altima for a different (read: larger) car. This way all of us will fit comfortably. I certainly don't want to be one of those moms who leaves her dog behind in favor of her spawn.

I go back July 19th for another appointment. I'm currently trying to find a checklist of some sort that tells me when I need to start doing stuff (i.e. registering, working on the nursery, blah blah blah).

I am keeping my fingers crossed that some new found energy comes my way. I would love to clean, cook, and be a participating member of society!