Monday, February 13, 2012

Walking Wounded

Seriously. Twenty-Twelve has been a little rough. The Barracuda got the flu a couple weeks into January. It's my fault. I admitted a patient that was basically peeing out of his butt and a poop germ wound up in my system. I came down with the flu about 36 hours after my shift was done. Thirty-six hours after I was laying in bed with severe abdominal cramping, my daughter had it. First the squirts, then vomiting, then an ungodly high temperature. Luckily she likes her milk and water and stayed hydrated. Unfortunately with the diarrhea came the worlds worst diaper rash. We have often joked about The Barracuda's "Buns of Steel." We could seriously keep her in a wet diaper all day and her bottom wouldn't even be the slightest hint of pink. Six hours of diarrhea and her bottom was torn to shreds. Like the mere sight of her girly bits reduced me to tears. Ugh. Terrible. Do you know how horrified I was to transmit this to my daughter??? That I was responsible for her pristine system being invaded and violated?

Then The Bear had a head cold during his vacation time. Not horrible, but he was a little whiny and I was far from sympathetic.

Then our beloved dog had a little accident at the groomer. His toenail was ripped off in a grate. He was taken to an emergency vet and given pain medication and sedation and then his little digit was treated. They were very nice and thorough, blah blah blah, but they have him 4 effing milligrams of dilaudid. He only weighs 85 lbs. The poor guy was like a drunken sailor for the rest of the night. The Bear had to carry him from the car and up the stairs.

THEN last week The Barracuda started having a runny nose. At the time I thought it might be teething. Then it turns into a full blown cold this weekend. With a low grade fever starting yesterday morning. She's miserable. She no longer lets me suction out her boogers and freaks out anytime I go near her nose. I even tried the NoseFrida (which I'm secretly jealous I didn't invent) and she is PISSED. I have never felt so helpless in my life trying to make her feel better. And I secretly think if I hadn't weaned her she never would have gotten any of these ailments.

Oh, and our puppington? He had his teeth cleaned last Friday, which resulted in having a cracked and rotten tooth extracted. He also had 3 moles/skin tags removed (2 of which were new that had gotten bigger in the last 2 months). Now I'm anxiously awaiting the pathology report.

And I'm sick too. End of story. End of whining.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Keep on keepin' on

Exhausted. The Barracuda's sleep schedule was all jacked up from the flu a couple of weeks ago. January was a rough month. I think things are getting a little bit better. She sort of slept through the night last night, although at times it was a fitful sleep.

She also has a diaper rash that just won't disappear. Things will be all good and then her little bottom will be pink again. I just feel bad for her. She already hates diaper changes, a sore bottom isn't helping the situation.

Other than that, life continues to go on. My apologies for the lame post.