Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Short but Sweet

This post will have to be short and sweet because in about 2-3 hours I will be up feeding my little milk monster. October 5th came and went without a contraction, which was good because my brother in law was getting married October 6th and both me, The Bear, and The Barracuda were standing up in the wedding. Have you ever seen 40 week 1 day preggo lady in a bridesmaid dress? At least my ankles were still thin. And people were there to groom me in my beached whale state. I pulled it together and even managed to do the Cupid Shuffle on the dance floor--much to The Bear's dismay, "I don't think fast dancing is a very good idea right now, Allison," He said with a serious look on his face like I was suggesting we go sky diving.

Anyways, we decided to be induced this time and the earliest date was October 12th. I called ahead and sure enough L & D was too busy for our 5 AM time so I went back to bed on the couch where I finally had some contractions and I eventually lost my mucus plug (shudder). We went in at 8 AM I gave birth to a healthy, 8 lb 6 oz baby BOY. He was all wrapped up in his cord (which had a true knot) and he sort of tumbled out and both The Bear and I saw at the same moment that we had a boy and we were just in such shock and awe. Milk Monster was placed right on my chest and tummy which was sweet, smelly and a little gross and we were able to nuzzle before he was weighed.

I'm still a little shell shocked that I gave birth to a boy. And kind of a large boy. I'm not exactly a wide hipped amazonian lady and this kiddo decided to come out with his hang by his face so let's just say that I'm still REALLY EFFING SORE south of the border. Sigh. At least nursing is going well and he currently appears to be a textbook child. The Barracuda loves him and there is really no adjustment to be had. It's like he was always with us.