Monday, October 24, 2011

Mom Jeans and Short Hair

I'm feeling so frumpy! I'm in desperate need of an ambush makeover. But I am refusing to buy any new clothes until some of the baby weight comes off. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after the barracuda is weaned that I might magically drop 5-10 lbs that my body has been hanging on to.

As for the hair situation. I'm just sick of pulling it back in to a messy bun. I just look (and feel) unpolished. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my hair, but it'll be something drastic.

The Barracuda is cruising around everything! And she's totally in to making funny faces and sounds. She makes fish faces and when she wears overalls she bears a crazy resemblance to Curious George. I am so scared that the next time I hug her she will break.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Barracuda just cut another tooth on Sunday, bringing the grand total to 3! Most kiddos her age have a mouth full of pearly whites, but my little peanut is taking after her father and is lagging behind in pushing out those pointy, serrated shark teeth. Fine by me--we're still breastfeeding! I cannot believe I've made it over 9 months breastfeeding my little girl. I'm so happy that I persevered and fought through the sleepless nights (which still occur, by the way) and the tongue tied issue and didn't listen to all of the haters. I feel like I've accomplished a major goal.

In other news, work has become increasingly busy. We are in the middle of some major changes and everyone is at deafcon 7 when it comes to stress. Working part time I feel that I have been exempt from a lot of these feelings. On the other hand, I feel very out of place and out of the loop working part time. I've been struggling with these feelings for awhile and I've been attempting to write about them and post them here but life is just getting away from me. Combine the busyness with the fact that my brain has turned to complete mush...well it's been 5 times as hard for me to write about my feelings of working vs. staying at home. And I have a lot of feelings about this subject matter. Good and bad.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Busy Bee

Things have been quite hectic. I feel like I've lost my mind. Working while trying to settle in to our new house while parenting a 9 month old has proved to be too much for my brain. It's complete mush.

It's quite lovely out here (we have apple trees. WTF!) but it is an adjustment. I've pretty much tripled my drive time to work. Our yard is significantly bigger, so there is more to clean up out there. We have well water and it is AWFUL.

On the plus side. We have carpeting in our living room, a fireplace, a massive kitchen and SO MUCH FREAKIN' SPACE! This is a beautiful home and we're slowly making it our own.

On another note, I've become so overtired and stupid that I can't even figure out how to fill out The Barracuda's baby book. I've screwed it up. I either need to buy white out or a new book and just transfer everything. I have a Master's Degree, people, and I can't even fill out an effin' baby book? The Bear couldn't stop laughing at me.

Time for bed.