Friday, November 12, 2010

Your blog has taken a turn towards the gross...

To quote my oldest bro. Yes, if you are a male relative, this blog has probably been quite strange for you to read. I apologize. But if it's really that disturbing, simply quit reading it :)

I will say that I will probably not post a graphic play by play of the delivery on this blog and there will not be any pictures of my placenta to be found here or elsewhere. Heck, I don't even want to SEE my placenta. That's in my birth plan: I want drugs, I don't want to see the baby come out, and I don't want to see my placenta. I will throat punch the nurse if she tries to show it to me, and I'm a nurse.

Speaking of nursing (my career, not actual breastfeeding), my current state of sore pubic bone has made functioning a little tricky. I was the first to run/waddle to a code the other night and I was the last to arrive and I was a little out of breath. Sad when you consider just a year and a half ago I trucked my way through 13.1 miles. I will get there again's just a little difficult to believe that I will ever be able to run again. And people think I look SMALL. I feel like I am of whale like proportions.

Regarding nursing (this time breastfeeding) I have not yet gone out to purchase the proper undergarments. I'm going to wait until I'm about 36 weeks so I can get the most accurate fit possible. I did however purchase these bad boys:

And let's just say that I'm a much happier and more comfortable individual.

Seriously, though, I don't think I was prepared for all of the weird and random aches and pains that pregnancy would bring about. I knew about the swollen ankles and fingers--which I've been lucky to not have. Yet. But the fact that it feels like someone swatted me directly in the pubic bone with a baseball bat. Well, that's a fate that I was not prepared for. Oh well. Small price to pay for a little bundle of joy. December 26th cannot come soon enough!