Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Clear!

I had my HSG Monday. I tried blogging about it on Tuesday and something happened and the post disappeared into the mist of the blogosphere. Then I had to work. Then Wednesday was my 3 year anniversary with The Bear where I stuffed myself with edamame and sushi. Thursday I was back to work and then I slept for most of the day today because I do need some sleep.

Anywhoodle, since this is an infertility blog (or at least a blog about difficulty conceiving), I will talk about the HSG. I had been taking the prophylactic antibiotics as prescribed and then the morning of the test I had 600 mg of Ibuprofen. Well...I threw in an extra 200 just for shits and giggles to make a grand total of 800 mg.

I was pretty nervous but that did not prevent me from falling asleep on the couch for 1 hour after work before the test. Good thing The Bear had strict instructions to pick me up and deposit me in Radiology. He was so sweet and waited for me in the little holding area. Which was comforting because I felt really awkward in there wearing my t-shirt, a gown, robe, no undies, my socks and running shoes. Thank goodness I didn't have my snow boots on.

Then the tech called me in back and spent some time really explaining the procedure to me. She was very sweet and very thorough. She took my vital signs, which were normal, but actually high for me--I was freakin' nervous! Then I sat by myself waiting for Dr. C. I really wish The Bear would have been let in the back room so I could have had some company. Instead, I sat back there trying not to cry.

The worst part was definitely having the catheter threaded through my cervix. That was like a combination of the world's worst pap smear and cramps from hell. At that point, I thought I wasn't going to be able to handle the dye being put through (what I was told was the worst part). The Radiologist came in, he had me swivel my hips left, then right, then center. Then everyone was like, "All done! Yay!" And I replied, "Did you even inject the dye? You didn't tell me you were going to inject the dye yet?!" Then everyone was giggling and telling me that I was a champ and what an awesome job I did.

Dr. C came up and stood next to me and spoke with me about the test and what she saw. She showed me the monitor, and sure as shit, there were my patent fallopian tubes. Dr. C kept saying congratulations and how well I did. She already knew that we had our gameplan appointment set up for next week. All in all, I was pretty pleased with her bedside manner and she was pretty awesome throughout the whole thing. She kept me comfortable and about as relaxed as I could be. Each time I meet her, I feel like we're moving in the right direction. A good thing, I know.

After the test, I was of course relieved, and what happened to my HR and BP? They went back to their "normal" values, which made the tech a little nervous. So I had to lay back on the table (still with my running shoes on, mind you) and wait. Then I started freaking out in my head that I was having a reaction to the dye and that I was going to brady down, go PEA and then they were going to have to code me in Radiology. With my running shoes on. And no UNDERPANTS. That is like my nightmare. Alas, I was fine, I was let go, and returned to The Bear.

After the test, on the way home, my conversation with The Bear went a little something like this:

THE BEAR: I just had a morbid thought...

ME: What's that? (I was thinking he had some sort of crazy revelation about parenthood or infertility).

THE BEAR: Most of those people in that waiting room are, like, on death's doorstep...

ME: What do you mean by that?

THE BEAR: Well, there were a lot of old people in there...


As someone who sees people on death's doorstep on a regular basis, I assure you, while there were a lot of old people present, no one in that waiting room looked like they were actively dying. I mean, one person had oxygen on, but I think she was ok.

The rest of the week was met with some spotting that has had me question (on a number of occassions) if I should call the doctor. I had no other signs and symptoms of an infection or anything else wrong, so I just tried to take it easy. Except for working the 12 hour shifts of crazy patients.

So now we wait until our appointment next week!

I don't know why the date for this is 1.26.10 I finished writing it today 1.29.10. Oh well, who cares?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Started

I ended up getting my period on Saturday so Monday morning I ran around trying to get all of my diagnostics scheduled. Holy crap! What a pain in the ass to schedule all of this stuff. The majority of my tests get scheduled through the fertility clinic but the HSG has to be scheduled with the hospital and the fertility nurse does this for me.

ME: Wow, this seems like a scheduling nightmare for you guys!

FERTILITY NURSE: Oh yeah, we're pretty much at the mercy of everybody's ovaries.

This morning I went in for my ultrasound and bloodwork (CD4). I was at the clinic for no longer than 15 minutes. It was virtually painless...unless you count that I had to be stuck TWICE for my labs. Come on, my veins ROCK. Oh well. What was also nice was that Dr. C herself was there to actually do my ultrasound. And she confirmed that we were all set up for my HSG next week AND she suggested that The Bear and I go ahead and make our follow up appointment right away so we wouldn't get caught up in any sort of scheduling snafu.

The ultrasound didn't show too much of anything I didn't already know: A bunch of little follicles. I figure she'll really discuss everything with us when we have all of the results.

On another note, I've been experiencing some crazy ass cramps. I haven't had cramps this bad in, like, eight years. For reals. I actually had to load up with Ibuprofen yesterday. I felt like a junkie.

Stay tuned for my account of my HSG in interventional radiology next week...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Provera time! After much consideration, I determined that I was going to take Provera now and then hopefully be ready for all of my tests the week after we get back from Punta Cana. Part of me REALLY debated long and hard about not doing anything and just enjoying the trip. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that if I wasn't doing something (towards the baby making effort) during this trip that I would be going insane.

So I called Dr. C's office today and a very nice nurse called me back and had a couple of questions for me:

NURSE: What cycle day are you at?

ME: Ummm, 41.

NURSE: Oh my, yes I'd say that you're ready. Did you have a negative home pregnancy test?

ME: Only about a billion.

NURSE: Ok, we'll call in that script for you!

So...here we go! Ten days of Provera...CD3 labwork and u/s, a little HSG action and a Semen Analysis and we'll have a new gameplan! I'm figuring we'll start some sort of treatment in February. In the meantime, I will enjoy the warm sun of Punta Cana, some fruity drinks with umbrellas, room service and all you can eat buffets.

I am trying to remain positive (a 2010 resolution!). I have been repeating to myself that The Bear and I will be parents one day, it just may be a difficult path...or a path I hadn't even imagined taking. When I really examine my life, I remember that I have so much to be thankful for. Hopefully 2010 will be the year that The Bear and I will be parents!