Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well, what can I say? It's been months. I've been chasing after a very active little girl and I've been working 20 hours a week and trying to frantically make our house a home. In a couple of months we will have been here one year and I feel like there is still so much to do. I will say that it does feel like home here. The house and yard are amazing. Our neighbors are warm, friendly, and quick to offer advice regarding the neighborhood and city (no one is screaming F*&$ at the top of their lungs at 8 am on a Saturday morning), and the community (library, rec programs, school district, etc.) are phenomenal.

I guess the biggest shocker, and there is really no way to sugar coat this, is that I am pregnant. We found out at the end of January when I realized that it had been awhile since I had a period. I had worked all weekend and I was trying to sleep during the day while The Bear was watching The Barracuda and I suddenly realized that I was late. I thought, what the heck, I'll pee on a stick and I honestly did not think I was pregnant when I took that pregnancy test. And there was the word PREGNANT looming up at me on the digital pregnancy test. I was in shock and then I promptly bought old fashioned pregnancy tests, peep on those and was still in denial. And I was probably in denial for a good 3 months. The nurse practitioner at my first OB visit asked me if this pregnancy was planned. When I responded, "No," she said, "But you weren't on birth control?!" Well, its not like it was super easy the first time. I couldn't do anything but shrug.

We are obviously thrilled and excited and a little cautious. The kind of cautious that you are after you already have a child. A child that wasn't the greatest eater or sleeper as a baby but who has evolved into a smart, funny, and gorgeous toddler. I'm also a little embarrassed this time around. I'm not quite sure why. Is it because my kiddos will be 21 months apart? Is it because I wasn't expecting this? Yet I wasn't on birth control? Maybe embarrassed is the wrong word. Shy would be better.

So here I sit at just about 26 weeks pregnant. And it still hasn't quite sunk in. But I'm no longer in denial. I did, after all, paint the nursery already.