Monday, January 14, 2013

The Giving Tree...

Is currently The Barracuda's favorite book. I'm shocked by how well she sits and just lets me read the book to her. I am also astounded by how much of the book she has absorbed into her little memory. She will sit with the book and pretend to read it. She will say, "Boy. Tree. Leaves. Apples. Swing. Money. Happy." Almost like she is going through the whole story in her little mind. And she will flip the book over and say, "Who's that?" pointing to Shel Silverstein, who (no offense) looks super scary. And his head shot takes up the WHOLE BACK COVER.

It's kinda funny, The Bear and I were discussing that book this evening. It's kind of a euphemism or allegory or something (my English Lit skills are lacking) for parenting. Being a mother, or a parent, to a toddler is really like being the tree. You give and give and give to make your kids happy. You will give until you absolutely have no more to give just to see the smiles and to receive the hugs. And your sweet toddler just takes and takes. She just takes all your apples, cuts off your branches and makes a freakin' boat out of your trunk until you are just a sad old stump.

Maybe that sounds super sad...but it's not. Somehow, I'm just happy to do it. I just love her so much that I just want her to be happy. Because even though she hits, and kicks and slaps...nothing beats her smiles and hugs.

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  1. Haha, oh Allison. I hear ya! And...that picture on the back is SUPER disturbing. Eddie doesn't really like that book yet, and he sort of just eyeballs Shel Silverstein suspiciously. :) xoxoxo